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Economic releases, key earnings, speeches, weather, and other market moving events for the week ahead are highlighted in our weekly Sunday note.

The US made about $4 billion on the recent SPR oil sales, selling high and now buying low. Was it luck bailing out hubris?

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It will be nothing short of a miracle if we avoid some form of global recession over the next couple of years.


Google's infrastructure moat, speed, and trust continue to be overlooked when hyping up ChatGPT as a drop-in Google replacement.


Where will cheap labor come from?


In a decade Europe is either going to look like a genius on how to get tough things done or it’s going to be an economic madhouse.


The potential for a US railroad labor strike continues to bubble up.

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Zombie companies now make up 20% of all European businesses, up from 11% in 2008.


Hurdle Rate: what you must clear on a risk-adjusted basis for it to make sense to buy something other than treasuries.


Keeping posted prices low while offering a path for customers to pay more is the best way to give a raise for both the employer and employee.


Of course the US and China (Yuan is pegged to USD) will scramble to buy cheaper Euro denominated goods.


Total US Personal Savings back below 2015-2020 average all while being eroded by 8% inflation.

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