Burma (Myanmar)

Trade With India

Imports from India$574.2m
Exports to India$798.8m
Imports from India
Exports to India
Source: United Nations

Top Imports from India

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1
Pharmaceutical products$206.78m
Medicaments; (not goods of heading no. 3002, 3005 or 3006) consisting of mixed or unmixed products for therapeutic or prophylactic use, put up in measured doses (incl. those in the form of transdermal admin. systems) or packed for retail sale$189.27m12.0mWeight in kilograms
Medicaments; consisting of mixed or unmixed products n.e.c. in heading no. 3004, for therapeutic or prophylactic uses, packaged for retail sale$170.15m10.8mWeight in kilograms
Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral waxes$40.09m
Vehicles; other than railway or tramway rolling stock, and parts and accessories thereof$31.41m
Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof$26.05m
Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers; television image and sound recorders and reproducers, parts and accessories of such articles$24.58m
Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons$23.79m32.5mWeight in kilograms
Iron or steel articles$23.70m
Iron and steel$22.59m

Top Exports to India

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1
Vegetables and certain roots and tubers; edible$616.30m
Vegetables, leguminous; shelled, whether or not skinned or split, dried$616.30m679.5mWeight in kilograms
Vegetables, leguminous; beans of the species vigna mungo (l.) hepper or vigna radiata (l.) wilczek, shelled, whether or not skinned or split, dried$474.94m511.1mWeight in kilograms
Vegetables, leguminous; pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan), shelled, whether or not skinned or split, dried$111.99m136.2mWeight in kilograms
Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal$47.84m
Sheets for veneering (including those obtained by slicing laminated wood), for plywood or for similar laminated wood and other wood, sawn lengthwise, sliced or peeled, planed or not, sanded, spliced or end-jointed, of a thickness not exceeding 6 mm$37.00m43.6mWeight in kilograms
Food preparations; n.e.c. in item no. 2106.10$29.36m19.0mWeight in kilograms
Miscellaneous edible preparations$29.36m
Food preparations not elsewhere specified or included$29.36m19.0mWeight in kilograms
Wood, of tropical wood; as in Subheading note 2 to this Chapter, n.e.c. in heading no. 4408.31, sheets for veneer or plywood, other wood sawn length wise, sliced or peeled, whether or not planed, sanded or end-jointed, not thicker than 6mm$18.52m23.0mWeight in kilograms
1 Not all goods in this category have a common measurement and therefore no measurement is reported.
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