Trade With Grenada

Imports from Grenada$582.02k
Exports to Grenada$4.9m
Imports from Grenada
Exports to Grenada
Source: United Nations

Top Imports from Grenada

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1
Toilet paper, width 36cm or less or cut to size/shape; handkerchiefs, tissues, towels, serviettes, bed sheets and similar household or hospital articles, apparel and clothing accessories of paper pulp, paper, cellulose wadding or webs of cellulose fibres$525.90k327.12kWeight in kilograms
Paper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp, of paper or paperboard$525.90k
Paper articles; toilet paper$496.48k315.39kWeight in kilograms
Wheat or meslin flour$26.76k34.00kWeight in kilograms
Products of the milling industry; malt, starches, inulin, wheat gluten$26.76k
Wheat or meslin flour$26.76k34.00kWeight in kilograms
Iron or steel articles$26.33k
Structures of iron or steel and parts thereof; plates, rods, angles, shapes, sections, tubes and the like, prepared for use in structures$25.28k1.29kWeight in kilograms
Iron or steel; structures and parts thereof, doors, windows and their frames and thresholds for doors$25.28k1.29kWeight in kilograms
Paper articles; tablecloths and serviettes, of paper, cellulose wadding or fibres$21.13k8.58kWeight in kilograms

Top Exports to Grenada

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1
Salt; sulphur; earths, stone; plastering materials, lime and cement$2.51m
Sands of all kinds; natural, whether or not coloured, other than metal-bearing sands of chapter 26$2.51m52.4mWeight in kilograms
Sands; natural, silica and quartz sands, whether or not coloured$1.38m52.4mWeight in kilograms
Rice$1.15m1.5mWeight in kilograms
Sands; natural, (other than silica and quartz sands), whether or not coloured, (other than metal-bearing sands of chapter 26)$1.13m54.32kWeight in kilograms
Cereals; husked (brown) rice$891.24k973.49kWeight in kilograms
Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal$324.71k
Sugars and sugar confectionery$297.58k
Cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose, in solid form$286.00k395.39kWeight in kilograms
1 Not all goods in this category have a common measurement and therefore no measurement is reported.
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