Trade With Sri Lanka

Imports from Sri Lanka$73.8m
Exports to Sri Lanka$422.9m
Imports from Sri Lanka
Exports to Sri Lanka
Source: United Nations

Top Imports from Sri Lanka

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1
Vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included$25.37m17.3mWeight in kilograms
Vegetable products; n.e.c. in chapter 14$25.37m17.3mWeight in kilograms
Vegetable plaiting materials; vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included$25.37m
Rubber and articles thereof$13.98m
Natural rubber, balata, gutta-percha, guayule, chicle and similar gums; in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip$9.39m4.8mWeight in kilograms
Rubber; natural (excluding latex), in smoked sheets$6.89m3.6mWeight in kilograms
Asbestos-cement, of cellulose fibre-cement or the like$6.16m33.3mWeight in kilograms
Stone, plaster, cement, asbestos, mica or similar materials; articles thereof$6.16m
Fruit and nuts, edible; peel of citrus fruit or melons$4.58m
Nuts, edible; coconuts, Brazil nuts and cashew nuts, fresh or dried, whether or not shelled or peeled$4.45m11.1mWeight in kilograms

Top Exports to Sri Lanka

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1
Salt; sulphur; earths, stone; plastering materials, lime and cement$112.08m
Portland cement, aluminous cement (ciment fondu), slag cement, supersulphate cement and similar hydraulic cements, whether or not coloured or in the form of clinkers$111.66m2.1bWeight in kilograms
Cement clinkers (whether or not coloured)$59.53m1.1bWeight in kilograms
Vegetables and certain roots and tubers; edible$57.40m
Woven fabrics of cotton, containing 85% or more by weight of cotton, weighing more than 200g/m2$54.83m7.4mWeight in kilograms
Cement; portland, other than white, whether or not artificially coloured$52.02m955.6mWeight in kilograms
Pharmaceutical products$35.59m
Medicaments; (not goods of heading no. 3002, 3005 or 3006) consisting of mixed or unmixed products for therapeutic or prophylactic use, put up in measured doses (incl. those in the form of transdermal admin. systems) or packed for retail sale$35.39m1.1mWeight in kilograms
Onions, shallots, garlic, leeks and other alliaceous vegetables; fresh or chilled$33.85m96.6mWeight in kilograms
1 Not all goods in this category have a common measurement and therefore no measurement is reported.
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