Trade With France

Imports from France$123.4m
Exports to France$14.5m
Imports from France
Exports to France
Source: United Nations

Top Imports from France

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1
Pharmaceutical products$44.02m
Medicaments; (not goods of heading no. 3002, 3005 or 3006) consisting of mixed or unmixed products for therapeutic or prophylactic use, put up in measured doses (incl. those in the form of transdermal admin. systems) or packed for retail sale$42.86m107.38kWeight in kilograms
Medicaments; consisting of mixed or unmixed products n.e.c. in heading no. 3004, for therapeutic or prophylactic uses, packaged for retail sale$41.08m98.36kWeight in kilograms
Essential oils and resinoids; perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations$9.85m
Food industries, residues and wastes thereof; prepared animal fodder$7.15m
Preparations of a kind used in animal feeding$7.15m2.2mWeight in kilograms
Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof$7.06m
Beverages, spirits and vinegar$6.09m
Chemical products n.e.c.$5.99m
Perfumes and toilet waters$5.04m84.50kWeight in kilograms

Top Exports to France

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1
Natural, cultured pearls; precious, semi-precious stones; precious metals, metals clad with precious metal, and articles thereof; imitation jewellery; coin$4.38m
Metals; gold, non-monetary, unwrought (but not powder)$4.37m78.00Weight in kilograms
Gold (including gold plated with platinum) unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms, or in powder form$4.37m78.00Weight in kilograms
Fixed vegetable fats and oils (including jojoba oil) and their fractions, whether or not refined; but not chemically modified$1.48m135.06kWeight in kilograms
Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their cleavage products; prepared animal fats; animal or vegetable waxes$1.48m
Vegetable fats and oils and their fractions; fixed, n.e.c. in heading no. 1515, whether or not refined, but not chemically modified$1.48m135.06kWeight in kilograms
Beverages, spirits and vinegar$1.14m
Ethyl alcohol, undenatured; of an alcoholic strength by volume of less than 80% volume; spirits, liqueurs and other spirituous beverages$1.14m133.16kVolume in litres
Rum and other spirits obtained by distilling fermented sugar-cane products$1.05m122.41kVolume in litres
Fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates$1.02m
1 Not all goods in this category have a common measurement and therefore no measurement is reported.
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