Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Trade With Netherlands

Imports from Netherlands$3.3m
Exports to Netherlands$54.8m
Imports from Netherlands
Exports to Netherlands
Source: United Nations

Top Imports from Netherlands

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1
Dairy produce; birds' eggs; natural honey; edible products of animal origin, not elsewhere specified or included$963.11k
Milk and cream, concentrated or containing added sugar or other sweetening matter.$952.49k348.62kWeight in kilograms
Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers$569.31k
Milk in powder/granules/other solid form, unsweetened, fat content by weight >1.5%$367.78k105.00kWeight in kilograms
Iron and steel$344.47k
Potatoes other than seed potatoes, fresh/chilled$336.61k808.29kWeight in kilograms
Potatoes, fresh or chilled.$336.61k808.29kWeight in kilograms
Milk & cream, concentrated (excl. in powder), unsweetened$301.01k158.82kWeight in kilograms
Preparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts or other parts of plants$233.77k
Other vegetables prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid, frozen, other than products of heading 20.06.$228.25k240.13kWeight in kilograms

Top Exports to Netherlands

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1
Ships, boats and floating structures$54.49m
Yachts and other vessels; for pleasure or sports, rowing boats and canoes$39.03m1.000Number of items
Motorboats; (other than outboard motorboats), for pleasure or sports, other than inflatable$39.03m1.000Number of items
Floating or submersible drilling or production platforms$15.46m5.000Number of items
Light-vessels, fire-floats, dredgers, floating cranes, other vessels; the navigability of which is subsidiary to main function; floating docks, floating, submersible drilling, production platforms$15.46m5.000Number of items
Cocoa beans; whole or broken, raw or roasted$180.29k20.00kWeight in kilograms
Cocoa and cocoa preparations$180.29k
Cocoa beans; whole or broken, raw or roasted$180.29k20.00kWeight in kilograms
Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, checking, medical or surgical instruments and apparatus; parts and accessories$139.82k
Mechano-therapy, massage appliances; psychological aptitude testing apparatus; ozone, oxygen, aerosol therapy, artificial respiration or other therapeutic respiration apparatus$139.37k1.03kWeight in kilograms
1 Not all goods in this category have a common measurement and therefore no measurement is reported.
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