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Trade With United Kingdom

Imports from United Kingdom$0.0
Exports to United Kingdom$101.86k
Imports from United Kingdom
Exports to United Kingdom
Source: United Nations

Top Imports from United Kingdom

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1

Top Exports to United Kingdom

Trade Value
Trade Quantity1
Vegetable plaiting materials; vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included$31.76k
Bamboo used primarily for plaiting$31.76k3.09kWeight in kilograms
Vegetable materials of a kind used primarily for plaiting; (e.g. bamboos, rattans, reeds, rushes, osier, raffia, cleaned, bleached or dyed cereal straw and lime bark)$31.76k3.09kWeight in kilograms
Rubber and articles thereof$27.05k
Retreaded or used pneumatic tyres of rubber; solid or cushion tyres, tyre treads and tyre flaps, of rubber$25.42k60.00Number of items
Retreaded tyres; of a kind used on aircraft$25.42k60.00Number of items
Refrigerators, freezers and other refrigerating or freezing equipment, electric or other; heat pumps other than air conditioning machines of heading no. 8415$15.91k350.00Weight in kilograms
Refrigerating or freezing equipment; n.e.c. in heading no. 8418$15.91k350.00Weight in kilograms
Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof$15.91k
Furniture; bedding, mattresses, mattress supports, cushions and similar stuffed furnishings; lamps and lighting fittings, n.e.c.; illuminated signs, illuminated name-plates and the like; prefabricated buildings$10.99k
1 Not all goods in this category have a common measurement and therefore no measurement is reported.
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